• About

    BICYCOMPOST collects by bicycle organic waste and turns it into natural fertilizer to make cities self-sufficient.

  • Join the move

    BICYCOMPOST has joined the move since 02/03/2021.

  • Cash Invested

    TEMA has invested 4.000€ in BICYCOMPOST.

Know more about bicycompost

Every year, more than 10.000.000 tones of biowaste are incinerated in France. A nonsense when you know that all this material can be transformed into a valuable material.


To this aim BicyCompost was funded! The start-up collects biowaste from professionals such as restraurants, grocery stores and offices. Biowastes are collected by human and electric powered bikes and transformed into organic compost and fertilizer. The start-up has made up a new generation process to create compost faster and with 10 times less space than a traditional methode.


Thank you this process, the start-up can provide a solution to every city in France and then Europe.